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Purchase of various photo printing paper

I. The importance of printing media

it can be said that the printing consumables of digital photos have really risen to the theoretical height of "wasting your money". Generally, a set of printing accessories (including photo paper, ink cartridge or ribbon) is the day when the photo paper becomes the beautiful photo you expect, and the ink cartridge (or ribbon) will die. Don't count on how much is left. If you don't print properly, the average annual growth of 11.2% may not be enough! Take the example of Kodak easyshare6000's hot upgrade Huawei. The price of 40 six inch photo paper and supporting ink cartridges is 160 yuan, excluding the depreciation rate of the machine and the printing cost of each photo. It goes without saying that you can figure it out with your fingers. In contrast, the price of digital photo printing is much cheaper. The price offered by the printing shop near my community is ¥ 1/(6 inch) Zhang. Compared with the former, the gap will come out. It is not too much to say that the high price of consumables is the bottleneck restricting the independent printing of digital photos

however, like the majority of it fans, I am still optimistic about this industry. Everything has its own life cycle, and digital image is no exception. Now the digital industry is only in the introduction stage of the market cycle, and everything is imperfect. The technical level has not reached the mature stage. But the development of everything is always moving forward, so is it. At this stage, if you can print digital photos independently to the end, you will undoubtedly enjoy the joy of DIY at high prices and witness the development of the entire IT industry

many consumers have always had this misconception: they only pay attention to the purchase of ink cartridges and ignore the selection of print media. In fact, according to insiders, when using digital photo printers to output images, only professional photo printing paper can achieve high fidelity. Because the surface of the professional photo paper is coated with a special coating, which can not only make the printing effect look more bright and bright, but also suck the ink into the paper. At the same time, the coating of the photo paper has a protective effect, which can keep the output color of the photo bright for a long time. Therefore, excellent and professional printing media is the key and foundation of a good DIY photo. Professional photo printing paper sold in the market can be divided into ordinary photo paper, ordinary glossy photo paper (glossy photo paper) and high-quality glossy photo paper according to different coating layers and paper media. Well, today, let's talk about the selection of media and paper for digital photo printing

II. Recommendation of related products

Kodak's professional photo paper series

generally speaking, Eastman Kodak has always been in the leading position in the world in the field of image shooting, sharing, output and display. In terms of quality, her photographic paper can become a model within the industry. Kodak's photo printing paper can generally be divided into the following categories:

a.ultima Royal super grade photo paper

ultima product series is Kodak's best photo paper. It can provide professional quality output results, weight (270 g/m2) and thickness, as well as long storage life (about 100 years, similar products of HP and Epson are about 30 to 50 years). Therefore, it is suitable for high-quality professional photos, enlargers of favorite photos and framed photos. It belongs to a kind of heavy photo paper, which can be divided into two types: Ultra glossy and satin finish. It can be used to make full and bright photos

she is definitely the top end of photographic paper, and the price is definitely expensive. Although only the Royal super grade matte photo paper in this series is sold in China, the specific price is as high as ¥ 112 (15 sheets, A4 size)

b.premium high quality photo paper

premium is a kind of photo paper with resin coating, which is suitable for the reproduction and amplification of favorite photos, and can make the printed photos have the appearance and texture of traditional photos. At the same time, it has excellent photo quality. It is also divided into ultra gloss and satin finish

compared with the ultima product series, this kind of photo paper is much lighter and weaker in texture. However, there are many sizes and packaging specifications of the photo paper, so you have more choices. Its specific (10 × 15cm, 75 sheets) at 110 yuan

c. photo paper

double sided glossy picture is suitable for printing daily photos, which can make the photos have rich details. The biggest feature of this photo paper is that users can print on both sides on this smooth paper. In this way, we can save costs, give material scientists a lot of space to imagine and create, and make us enjoy more fun. There are also many specifications of this photo paper. Here are (10 × 15cm, 40 sheets, ¥ 60 only

d. popular photo printing paper

this kind of photo paper is most suitable for quick printing, or users who like to print many photos. It is suitable for users who are just trying to print digital photos at home. It has the feature of fast drying and can be shared immediately after printing. This kind of paper has only one specification of glossy surface, and its price will be relatively cheaper, but the author has not found its accurate quotation

due to the authority of Kodak's professional imaging field, Kodak Photo Paper should be your first choice

Epson photo paper

Epson is also a leading enterprise in imaging. Recently, the company launched a new 50 sheet 5-inch High Gloss Photo printing paper, with a price of 49.9 yuan. Meanwhile, in June this year, Epson reduced the price of 6-inch high gloss paper to less than one yuan. It seems that Epson is trying to attract consumers with low prices. If only from the price point of view, Epson photo paper is indeed much cheaper than Kodak. The following is the quotation of Epson's common photo printing paper:

however, we should also see that the quality of Epson's photo paper cannot be compared with Kodak. This also determines that it can only swim in the middle and low end (the effect is relatively poor and the storage time is relatively short). There is also the poor compatibility of Epson photo paper. Generally, only the supporting printer can have good results. Kodak is ahead of Epson in this regard. Kodak officially claims that its photo printing paper can be used on 75 kinds of printers around the world

epson photo paper must be used with a special printer

if you are not very picky about the printing effect and have high price sensitivity, I think Epson's high-quality glossy photo paper is a good choice for you. Now the price of this kind of photo paper (5 inches) is less than one yuan

other photo paper

recently, exciting news has come from the domestic national industry. Tsinghua Tongfang, the pride of China's national industry, has launched printing paper products that are also consumables

(1) Prince brand photo paper

with the increasing demand for High Gloss Photo Paper and color inkjet paper in the paper market, foreign manufacturers have also failed to meet this growing market. Therefore, Tsinghua Tongfang clearly sees the opportunity to enter the market this time, which will effectively change the situation that foreign brands dominate the middle and high-end market

Tsinghua Tongfang has recently taken the lead in launching color inkjet paper, glossy paper and high gloss photo paper. High gloss photo paper adopts imported coating technology, and its excellent compatibility can be widely applied to various mainstream digital printers in the market, including high-resolution images. The surface layer of the product has excellent ink absorption performance, good water resistance, high whiteness of the paper, and clear and delicate printing effect. High speed and fast drying coating technology can easily display a perfect picture with 2880dpi or higher. These properties can fully meet various printing applications in home and business, such as bidding scheme production, home graphic output, etc. Its high quality and moderate price will bring users more affordable choices. The price of each A6 size high gloss photo paper is within 8 Jiao

when talking about domestic brands, we can't help mentioning seagull. The pride of national industry. After cooperating with Kodak in the past two years (all Kodak DCs are manufactured by seagull in Shanghai's Jinqiao factory), product research and development and the awareness of independent brands have made a qualitative leap. Seagull also has photo paper of good quality, but it is hard to find in the market. But buy seagull compatible photo cartridges, and some get free

(2) related quotation of Prince brand paper

Prince photo paper is also a well-known brand. It is one of the world's top 500 (ojipaper), with an annual turnover of 9436.4 (US $million). Here is only the quotation of some of its photo papers

III. purchasing skills and conclusions

according to the latest survey results of authoritative companies, the photo printing paper market will grow by 50% every year in the next two years. Various signs show that China's photo printing paper market is on the eve of a blowout. However, as consumers, we must polish our eyes before choosing

at present, Kodak is unmatched in the photo paper industry.

in the specific purchase process, first of all, the paper compatibility should be considered. Some color jet printers or color thermal sublimation printers have special requirements for photo paper. Therefore, we must buy according to the special specifications marked on the printer's manual. Secondly, it is necessary to know whether the purchased printing paper is genuine. Because there are many kinds of photo paper. If any JS steals the beam and changes the column, it will be thousands of miles away. Finally, after the purchase, you must ask the printing methods to ensure that the customer can obtain excellent products and relevant details (the printing methods of photo paper of different brands and specifications are also different). Don't pretend to be a hero. After all, this paper was also bought with hard-earned money. If it was not finished, it would be washed away and never returned

generally, the author is not in favor of buying photo paper with too high price (such as ultima Royal super grade photo paper). However, if the digital photos that need to be printed are precious to you and need to be kept for a long time, the author believes that you must pay the necessary price for the best print quality. This is to spend a lot of money to buy original photo paper of the same brand as the photo printer. Facts have also proved that only professional paper provided by the printer manufacturer can ensure that the output photos can be saved for the longest time and the printing effect is the most realistic

in short, with the continuous development of digital camera technology and the increasing popularity of digital cameras, photo printers and photo printing paper have a bright future. If you want to print your favorite digital photos now, what are you waiting for? Go to the consumables market to select your favorite photo paper

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