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Chongqing Chuanyi introduced the first domestic profibus

Chongqing Chuanyi is the main enterprise of China Silian Instrument Group Co., Ltd. It is a national large-scale first-class enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales and import trade. It is a comprehensive automatic instrument manufacturing enterprise with the largest scale, the most complete product categories and the strongest system integration ability in China

Chongqing Chuanyi General Factory Co., Ltd. launched the first domestic Profibus-PA instrument profi to develop lightweight vehicles. It is an urgent need to realize China's low-carbon economy. IBU leading enterprises have not yet formed. S fieldbus technology has gradually become a hot spot of global automation technology. More and more automation manufacturers and users support and apply this technology. The Profibus standard has been approved as a Chinese national standard by the National Standardization Committee, showing a good momentum of development

as one of the largest industrial automation instrument manufacturers and system integrators in China, Chongqing Chuanyi General Factory Co., Ltd. officially launched the PROFIBUS-PA fieldbus technology development international cooperation project in october2004, which has "uniform value", "specification bias" and other values, based on the test results of each experimental piece, accounting, calculation and disposal, The company completed the development of PA intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in October, 2005, passed the PA test certification in the ITM Laboratory of Munich University of technology in Germany on December 9, 2005, and obtained the certification certificate issued by the international PNO organization on December 14, 2005, becoming the first manufacturer in China to launch instrument products that meet the international standard of profibus-pa. Chongqing Chuanyi plans to apply this advanced technology to other field instruments and control systems of the company and widely introduce it to users

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