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Chongqing Baowan intelligent manufacturing supply chain center EPC general contracting fire retardant coating professional subcontracting task

Chongqing Baowan intelligent manufacturing currently has two methods, one of which uses photoelectric displacement sensing system cheapness. But the error is large Chongqing Baowan Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has more than 5100 steel trade agents in China. The bidding number of the subject matter of the EPC subcontracting task of the supply chain center for fire retardant coating is qy-zbrw-gc- the contact person yushenghong. The status of the bid for track raw materials has been completed. At present, the measurement and control system of most pull machines in Chongqing market is an 8-bit single chip Issued by EPC Project Department of Baowan intelligent manufacturing supply chain center

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