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Chongqing Dajiang "60 series mining dump truck bridge" won another honor

Chongqing Dajiang "60 series mining dump truck bridge" won another honor

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Guide: Recently, Chongqing Dajiang Industrial Company's Mike brand truck bridge reported good news again. The company's R & D and design of 60 mining dump truck bridge was highly affirmed by users, market and industry experts, and was pleased to win the second prize of China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation for scientific and technological progress. The company independently developed, designed and produced 60 series of mines

recently, the "Mike" brand axle of Chongqing Dajiang Industrial Company reported good news again. The 60 mining dump truck bridge developed and designed by the company has been highly praised by users, but there are no specialized supplier markets and industry experts such as medical grade metal, high-level metal and other high-level metal, and has won the second-class international market recovery Award for scientific and technological progress of China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation

the 60 series mining dump truck bridge independently developed, designed and produced by the company is a new type of large tonnage heavy truck bridge. In terms of structural design, the bridge boldly uses foreign advanced technology for reference, and uses CAE simulation technology to focus on the analysis and optimization design of the bridge shell, main reducer and other structures. Based on the popular wheel side reducer plus main reducer bridge technology at home and abroad, according to the road difference, large slope It is a new axle platform product developed and designed by applying high and new technology under the service conditions of large load capacity. In the design of the bridge, the design standardization, serialization and universality of parts and components shall be achieved as far as possible; Carry out specific analysis and Research on technical parameters, structural characteristics, stress conditions and service conditions, check and calculate the strength of structural parts, and compare the feasibility of material selection of different product numbers. On the premise of ensuring the performance and safe and reliable use of the bridge, reasonably optimize the materials, so as to reduce the production cost

as a large speed ratio and torque axle, the main innovation of the 60 series mining dump truck bridge is the design of the bearing structure. Its advantages are: first, it has a compact structure, a wide range of speed ratios, a total speed ratio of 10.24 ~ 16.56, and a large output torque. It has obtained the national utility model patent; Second, the unique integral cast steel axle housing has strong bearing capacity. A single axle can bear 30 tons, and has obtained the appearance design patent; Thirdly, the main reducer adopts the single-stage structure of spiral bevel gear with spiral teeth, and the main reduction ratio is large. The outer diameter of the passive spiral bevel gear is larger than that of the passive spiral bevel gear of the common dump truck, and the output torque is larger; Fourth, the newly designed brake assembly is adopted, with large braking torque; The brake friction plate is wide and large, the unit pressure is reduced during braking, the heat dissipation is good during braking, the braking efficiency is high, and the braking performance is stable and reliable; Fifth, the wheel edge strength is better, and the output torque is greater, which can meet the requirements of the whole vehicle for power performance. At present, few mining dump trucks in China use such a large speed ratio and large torque axle. The axle is equipped on the mining dump truck, which can greatly improve the driving capacity and bearing capacity, and adapt to the transportation capacity under bad road conditions in mining areas in China. At the same time, due to the nationwide production of this type of mining dump truck bridge, the configuration does not ask whether other data of thermal insulation materials have reached the new national standard. Compared with imported mining dump trucks, the mining dump truck has significantly improved the cost performance, low cost, excellent performance and high technical content. Now it is in a leading position in the mining truck market

at present, the "60t mining dump truck bridge" project has passed the inspection of "fatigue life of driving axle assembly gear" by the National Heavy Duty Truck quality supervision and inspection center; It has passed the factory type test and other technical examinations during the user's factory acceptance, and its performance has reached and met the requirements of the design and users; At the same time, it has also passed the new product appraisal of the project by Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission composed of experts from Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing University of technology, Chongqing University and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute. Since the loading test in Jinan Special Vehicle Company of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, the bridge has been tested for one year for high-intensity coal mine transportation in the mining area. The whole bridge has good performance in use, and has been highly praised by vehicle manufacturers and users, forming a batch supply

shrinkage test is an experimental method often used to study material properties. With the wide application of 60 series mining dump truck bridge, it will effectively solve the defects of the original bearing capacity, driving force and braking force of the mining dump truck borrowing bridge, and greatly improve the reliability of the 60 mining dump truck bridge in use. This bridge not only fills the gap in the field of domestic mining dump trucks, It also opens up a new way to promote the development of domestic mining dump truck industry

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