How does the lock body workshop of Knight lock bec

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Naite lock industry: soldiers do not lie in many, but in excellence. An enterprise with a group of excellent talents must be an excellent enterprise

the enterprise is "talent oriented"

it is not "people-oriented"

a rice raises hundreds of people. Can everyone contribute to the enterprise? Some people are greedy for small and cheap things, some are opportunistic in doing things regardless of quality, some take bribes by taking advantage of their authority, and some receive kickbacks from suppliers. These people are everywhere in enterprises, resulting in the collapse of many enterprises, so enterprises cannot "put people first"

what is "talent oriented" talent in an enterprise? Be grateful and do not say or do anything detrimental to the company. Work from the perspective of the company, focus on the interests of the company, unite as one, and go all out

what is the benchmark workshop of Knight company?


under the correct leadership of the company's leaders, all members adhere to the guidance of the ten concepts of Knight people and the spirit of corporate culture, conscientiously implement them in life and work, and strive to practice the spirit of "taking the factory as home and persisting in hard work for a long time", which has created a great contribution to the development of the company

2- study

lock body workshop beauties study hard in Knight school. In the examination of ideology, corporate culture, 7S and skills, there are 5 full marks (100 points) in the factory, of which 3 are lock body workshops

3- change

through learning, I have changed my thinking and behavior mode, put what I learned into practice, and apply it wholeheartedly to life and work. Happy every day, full of passion and high morale


in the work, the lock body is boldly improved and innovated from molds, fixtures, accessories to labels, so that the lock body accessories have reached standardization, and the efficiency of parts processing and lock body assembly has been improved several times

5- unity

the members of the lock body workshop are very united, and the work arranged by the leaders is resolutely completed without delay. No matter which department is arranged to help, they have no complaints and work hard

6- values

don't ask about the process, as long as the result, go all out, and give full play to the spirit of "long-term adherence to hard work". After the improvement of the lock body process, the unit price has been continuously reduced, and there are no complaints. Only by working hard to do their job well, the salary has increased by 20% year-on-year compared with last year. The employees of the lock body workshop are rated the most excellent employees every time

Chairman: Knight will not let Lei Feng suffer losses.

their efforts and efforts have been recognized by the company's leaders and respected by the whole factory. After the decision of the company's leaders and standing committee, the lock body workshop was rated as "the first benchmark workshop in 2018" and the company arranged the whole workshop staff to travel in Guilin for five days from September 1 to 5 (with a subsidy of 200 yuan per person per day)

Knight lock industry

there are not many soldiers, The essence is

an enterprise with a group of excellent talents

must be an excellent enterprise




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