Pinai cabinet made a high-profile debut at Guangzh

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On July 8, the 17th Guangzhou Construction Expo 2015 was ceremoniously opened, with unprecedented grandeur, in which many home furnishing enterprises appeared one after another. Pinai cabinet, as a leader in the cabinet industry, quickly stood out and stunned the audience

this Guangzhou Construction Expo will continue to uphold the mission of "providing the home decoration industry with the pursuit of perfect quality", further deepen the combination advantage of "comprehensiveness + professionalism" of the exhibition, and reinterpret the concept of "fashionable living home" to the public

pinai cabinet, as a strong export brand, has been pursuing quality for many years and striving for perfection. With the service of "high quality and high price, honesty first", it has been unanimously recognized and praised by partners, and has established a good cooperation mode with many decoration enterprises, building materials supermarkets, and foreign trade enterprises. It has become a well-known brand in the field of overall cabinet, engineering support, and foreign trade export in the domestic and foreign markets

at this Guangzhou Construction Expo, pinai cabinets will carry two series of solid wood cabinets - Supreme ebony and European baking paint series - whispering in autumn, and will appear at the 2015 Guangzhou home furnishing Expo together with a variety of new sliding doors

high grade noble solid wood veneer series supreme ebony

there are two kinds of nobleness, one is domineering nobleness, just like the imperial concubine and queen, noble and aggressive, and the other is holy and gentle, just like here, like the touch of angels' warm hands

fashion simplicity European style baking varnish autumn whispers

furniture gets rid of cumbersome decoration in simplicity. From then on, there is a spray as white as jade in the tide of fashion. Living in simplicity eliminates the worries of the world. From then on, the time between my fingers flashes with pearl like light

fashionable lifestyle, a variety of new wardrobe sliding doors

the changes in lifestyle are fresh and perfect here. All colors are vividly displayed here, elegant, personalized, simple and practical. The designer is to decorate his personal quiet space with a perfect poetic thinking

in a warm home, create a kind of peace and harmony, complete the integration with nature, and live for art. What we create is not only a space, but also an art of life. Like a violin pulling out a beautiful melody, it always shines with the brilliance of art, reflects the kitchen life, and the life art of customized home




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