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Shangpin home distribution has been creating new miracles since its inception. The success of Shangpin home distribution lies not only in its first-class brand, but also in its way of operation. I will explain to you the way of success of Shangpin home distribution

create your own personalized home. Now the competition in the home industry is getting stronger and stronger. If enterprises want to succeed, it is more important to have their own business methods to create your own success

since the second half of 2013, "home e-commerce" and "home decoration e-commerce" have become absolutely popular keywords in China and even around the world, which are popular in the field of Internet (including mobile Internet) and e-commerce. This year, the concept of home o2o is emerging in endlessly, with a variety of patterns

o2o has become a recognized huge outlet. The transformation of traditional enterprises into o2o is considered by many to be an inevitable subversion, or even redemption. In the context of this "industry wide o2o", the home furnishing industry, an important industry closely related to our lives, has begun to take shape in the o2o exploration of the home furnishing industry, although the "19 major home furnishing stores boycotted tmall's double 11" event before the double 11 in 2013

before, red star Macalline launched a B2C mall, red beauty Mall (later renamed as xingyijia) to test the water, and then there was the o2o exploration "incredibly online" of incredibly home, as well as IKEA with low-key layout, as well as melalec, which opened the o2o mode of the home industry, with annual sales exceeding 2billion, Haier's reverse o2o is going smoothly, and so on

in the home furnishing industry, Shangpin home furnishing, founded in 2004, is the first home furnishing enterprise in the industry to propose digital customization. Shangpin home furnishing, which focuses on "customization, starts with service", plays with o2o through a series of ways, such as unprecedented professional customization, powerful 3D design software and cloud design resource integration ability, as well as excellent home consultants and designers, and realizes a single store business of more than 200million

the door-to-door measuring ruler and design of Shangpin home accessories are actually free, which is an extremely bold attempt in traditional home merchants

[question 1] what are the main problems facing the household industry

Chen Jiping: the whole home furnishing industry has problems from all angles. From the perspective of customer source, the traditional home furnishing market is facing: 1. Rent rise; 2. Less passenger flow; 3. The pressure brought by online brands' small profits

in terms of market share, few household brands can account for 1% of the whole market share at present, although the whole plate is large, which leads to a lot of choices for customers

[question 2] how do people in the household industry judge the trend of the household industry

Chen Jiping: 1. From several giants in the current home furnishing industry, it has gradually expanded from a single category to a full category. For example, europay is not only making cabinets, but also wooden doors, wardrobes and decorations; Sophia is not only making clothes cabinets, but also bathroom cabinets, and even cabinets; Shangpin home furnishing itself is the main positioning of the whole house furniture, which is also extending downstream; Therefore, multi category is an important development trend of the household industry

2. The Internet of the whole industry is an immediate development trend, as is the case for the traditional industry of home furnishing. Not all enterprises should do e-commerce, but should integrate with the Internet, because the Internet has become a living tool for the public; For example, in the past, after-sales service, consumers needed to contact the 400 phone number to find the brand, but now they can get related through wechat; In the past, household brand communication was passive through offline advertising, but now it can be spread through the Internet, and the effect can be tested; In the past, consumers could only find stores with brands through large stores. Now they can use mapping software, public comments and other daily tools; Therefore, many home furnishing enterprises "follow the trend" of the Internet. Whether to follow the current or to advance bravely depends on how enterprises make good use of the Internet as a "good tool" in combination with their actual situation, so that their enterprises can keep up with the times and the new living habits of consumers in the Internet era

[question 3] the home furnishing industry is a traditional industry. Now many traditional home furnishing industries are transforming into the Internet. Is the way out bright? Or go with the tide

Chen Jiping: as mentioned above, the Internet has become a tool of life. How to use the Internet to solve the problems of the enterprise itself is the key. Whether it helps the enterprise and consumers solve the actual pain points, I think it is a criterion to judge whether the enterprise can go bright or drift with the tide

[question 4] can the Internet model really change the current situation

Chen Jiping: what is the current situation of the home furnishing industry? Expensive rent, less passenger flow, more brands, and opaque prices lead to consumer distrust; The biggest advantage of the Internet is to make information transparent and open. Whether you are good or bad, consumers will truthfully feed back to the Internet. Consumers can first screen household brands by relying on the sword of "Internet"; With regard to the current situation of high rent and low passenger flow, Shangpin home distribution has taken the lead in establishing an o2o Experience Hall in the industry. This experience hall is not opened in stores, but in office buildings. The same area cost is saved a lot compared with stores, but there are more customers than stores. Where do these customers come from? All from the Internet

[question 5] what are the ways to do well in the Internet mode

Chen Jiping: from the perspective of users, first of all, they need to know that there is a brand like you, so you have to have Internet advertising. From the past portal advertising, search engine advertising, to the current social media advertising, it is to let users know your Internet mode; After the user knows you, he has to let him know whether you are good or not, so whether the story about your brand on the Internet is sufficient, such as whether your brand has strength endorsement in "stores" such as tmall and, whether your online customer service is professional enough, whether authoritative media websites have reports about you, and whether the brand Q & A of Q & a platform has professional and reasonable explanations; After users know you and know you, they want to go to your store. Is there a label on some mainstream map websites or apps, such as whether you can find your store on Gaode and whether there is an entrance to public comments; From the perspective of businesses, how much impact the advertisements I put on the Internet have on consumers, so we will pay attention to the search index and what opinions and suggestions users have on our products, so we should open social media, and carefully maintain and listen to it

[question 6] the household industry has a large plate every year. On the surface, it looks prosperous. It is all big companies that make money. How can small companies survive

Chen Jiping: home furnishing is a very realistic industry, which is reflected in "charging first, then producing", that is, customers have to pay first, and then I will help you place an order for production, because the cash flow is very sufficient. As for how small companies can survive, many small businesses in the home furnishing industry are living well. First of all, their store rents are low, their management costs are low, and their production is OEM, and even some businesses outsource after-sales services; The home furnishing industry is different from other industries. It belongs to the rigid demand industry. As long as there are people buying houses in China, there will be home furnishing demand. The demand for houses is more rigid in China. Isn't there a joke like this? The culprit of rising house prices is the mother-in-law

many of my friends are small businesses, which are really nourishing, and they are typical o2o. They rent a house in a residential building and rely on the community or QQ group to solicit customers

[question 7] what do small companies need to do to go online because of their limited capital

Chen Jiping: the Internet is a big concept, including what we said earlier. It is only some basic applications in the Internet, not to mention the big data on the big. Few enterprises in China can play it except bat 360; For small businesses, such as my friends, they solicit orders through communities or QQ groups, then guide them to stores for consumption, and then encourage users to share in the form of payment, forming the so-called closed loop, which is also a kind of Internet. This kind of cost is not high

[question 8] how can household enterprises increase their loyal users with limited funds

Chen Jiping: user loyalty has nothing to do with the amount of money. It has to do with the products and services of the business. For example, the quality of your products is really good. People who have used it say that the power of public praise in this circle is very strong. Your service attitude is good. If you can solve problems in a timely and patient manner, customers will forgive you. The friend I mentioned earlier, his customers basically come through word-of-mouth introduction, that is, through patient service to obtain user loyalty

[question 9] Internet, users are the foundation, how to tap potential users? Is there a specific way

Chen Jiping: precision marketing: search engine marketing + QQ group marketing + community marketing. These three methods are precision marketing, and the effect is good

[question 10] how to find the entry point of o2o in the household industry

Chen Jiping: hehe, this problem, try to find feelings from online solicitation

[question 11] is it feasible to implement home o2o mode, how to obtain it, and what ways can you increase user stickiness

Chen Jiping: o2o is a business model, not a marketing method

the question of whether it is feasible or not needs no more discussion. The o2o of Shangpin home distribution has proved this problem for five years. Users get the precise marketing method as mentioned in the previous question. Increasing stickiness is the key to the success or failure of o2o. I use the words "altruism" to sum up. If you can provide services that are helpful to customers, users will naturally be willing to follow you. For example, the free scale design of Shangpin home accessories. As long as customers make a simple appointment, we can help them solve the problem of matching the whole house and save them a lot of trouble buying home

[question 12] how can the home o2o model be accepted by consumers? How to publicize

Chen Jiping: consumers only care about one problem. Where can I buy a provider with "good quality, affordable price and considerate service". As for whether you use o2o or B2C, it's just a business, not a consumer's business

[question 13] what are the main ways of Shangpin home distribution? What are the advantages

Chen Jiping: Shangpin home distribution is currently divided into two forms, one is offline retail, the other is o2o format; Shangpin home distribution has its own independent factories, more than 700 stores, many years of o2o experience in operation, and digitalization of customized business through software technology. These belong to hard power and soft power. The chairman has been in business for 20 years, and has cultivated a large number of management talents, which provides a strong driving force for the stable operation of each subsidiary

[question 14] will the future of home o2o be connected with traditional commerce? What are the differences between them

Chen Jiping: o2o is not an e-commerce, but a new business model that links the Internet and traditional business. Without the ground support of traditional business, the online o can't fall to the ground; O2o is an upgrade of the traditional model

[question 15] how will smart home promote home o2o

Chen Jiping: smart home makes home products closer to interconnection





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