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On March 23, Jiayao holdings announced the successful acceptance of its Hubei golden Three Gorges printing and Yunnan China tobacco materials, Inner Mongolia Kunming Tobacco, Xiamen tobacco, Sichuan China tobacco, Shandong China tobacco, Shanxi Kunming Tobacco, Jiangsu China tobacco, Henan China tobacco, Hainan tobacco, Hubei China tobacco, Hunan China tobacco Guizhou China tobacco, Chongqing China tobacco, Shaanxi China tobacco and Heilongjiang tobacco industry have signed sales agreements

according to the public information, Jiayao holdings established the structure of tensile testing machine fixture in 1992, mainly engaged in the research, development, design, production and sales of new materials for paper cigarette packaging, Jiuli special materials, together with the general Steel Research Institute. In 2014, it was listed on the main board of Hong Kong, and has 82.86% of the equity of Hubei golden Three Gorges Printing Co., Ltd. In addition to paper cigarette packaging, Hubei golden Three Gorges printing also designs, prints and sells paper packaging for social products

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