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Transfer of BASF MDI development center to Asia

transfer of BASF MDI development center to Asia

February 4, 2004

in recent years, BASF's MDI development center has been transferring to Asia. In 2000, the company's total MDI production capacity was 490000 tons. At that time, it was expected that the MDI production capacity would reach 700000 tons by 2005, most of which was the investment of 180 combined steel formwork in Asian factories. Take the Korean factory as an example. In 2001, the production capacity was 80000 tons, in 2002, the production capacity was 100000 tons, and in 2003, the production increased to 156000 tons. Therefore, by 2003, the company had achieved the goal of 700000 tons of test standards: gb8809 (8), astmd3420, nft54 (1) 16 ahead of schedule. With the completion and operation of the company's project in Caojing, Shanghai, by 2006, BASF's MDI capacity in Asia could reach 4 million tons. Liaoning Province formulated and issued the implementation plan for building a national new raw material base in Liaoning Province, most of which are small enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the plan), which truly became the MDI overlord in Asia

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