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Printing enterprises take the initiative to solve the dilemma

[packaging E-line] the international financial crisis has had a great impact on China's economic development and also caused great fluctuations to China's printing enterprises. How can printing enterprises get out of the crisis, wait for policy support or take the initiative to find development channels

the economic crisis makes the development of printing enterprises in trouble

the rising cost of various raw materials makes the printing enterprises with low entry threshold and mainly small and medium-sized printing enterprises experience unprecedented challenges. In such an industry reshuffle stage, liuxuezhi, general manager of Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known personage in the industry, also wrote in his microblog: who did China's 4trillion yuan invested in coping with the economic crisis in 2008 accomplish? I visited several Korean enterprises, and 80% of their orders came from China. China's 4trillion yuan investment has saved the world economy and the Korean economy. The question of writing down such compliance with the national experimental motor gas standard is not based on a lack of understanding of the policy, but from the perspective of the industry. Printing enterprises that have not experienced the baptism of the economic crisis should still be able to more accurately control the quality parameters to withstand the secondary crisis caused by the adverse external environment while being protected

how can printing enterprises resolve the crisis

market leverage is the most powerful test tool, and survival is the greatest need of enterprises at present. According to the normal law of financial development, the birth, aging and death of enterprises are also a normal metabolism. Only by following this law can we achieve the normal development of a virtuous cycle

green printing is a necessary support and help, and the earliest leading enterprise has been identified as the textbook printing enterprise. By using its threshold effect, it can not only achieve green environmental protection, but also achieve the effect of survival of the fittest. With the same effect, there is also the electronic supervision code technology that has been vigorously promoted in the industry recently. This is a product code technology loaded on commodities. For enterprises, it can catch up with the flow of products, and for users, it can play the most convenient anti-counterfeiting effect. At present, it has been implemented for drugs. This also serves as a threshold for the use of coding technology to filter the industry once

both green printing and electronic supervision code technology can play the role of eliminating the fittest and promoting the normal metabolism of the industry mentioned above, which is also the macro effect of promoting the development of the industry and the whole national economy. Just as parents can only welcome the rainbow if they let their children go through the storm and see the world independently, so can printing enterprises. It is better to take the initiative to wait for support

packaging E-line believes that for the development of printing enterprises, simply relying on policy support and help can not solve the fundamental economic development problems, and printing enterprises should take the initiative to seek their own development

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