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The printing gift Cultural Festival highlights the cultural charm of Longgang

in the previous Longgang printing and gift cultural festivals, our town has actively prepared the calligraphy, art and photography exhibition, and its display results have been highly praised by visitors. As a town, being able to produce such high-level works continuously also fully reflects the extraordinary cultural charm of Longgang

as an important part of the printing and gift culture festival, the calligraphy art photography exhibition has been highly praised by the masses. According to the Longgang Federation of literary and art circles, 247 works were exhibited this year, including 87 calligraphy works, 85 art works and 75 photography works. Most of these exquisite works are made by calligraphy, art and photography lovers in Longgang, which shows the cultural charm of Longgang

on the other hand, our town also organizes activities such as literature and art going to the countryside, medical treatment going to the countryside, and science and technology going to the countryside for many times every year. All the programs are self-made and self performed by the local people. In the form of being loved by the people and willing to participate, we go to the countryside to publicize the party's principles and policies for the rural people and popularize the knowledge of scientific farming, which has generated great attraction and appeal. Over the past few years, our town has held more than 100 mass cultural performances and activities, with more than 100000 visitors and participants. In addition, according to the statistics of relevant departments, in the past two years, five rural ancestral halls in our town have been rebuilt into cultural centers. At the same time, a series of literary and artistic activities such as the Ouya cup TV singer Grand Prix and the TV host competition of the happy bird have been successfully held. This is also the fruit of the prosperity and development of Longgang cultural undertakings in recent years

in recent years, education, health, culture and other social undertakings in our town have been developing continuously. Adhere to the way of large society and large education, popularize the nine-year compulsory education with high standards, and the penetration rate of high school education is 97%, forming a new educational pattern in which public and private education, general education, vocational education, adult education, preschool education and special education are integrated, each with its own scale. Let me tell you about the unique application of universal pull testing machine in the automotive industry. There are 54 primary and secondary schools and 68 kindergartens in the town. Every village has access to cable TV, and the coverage rate of cable TV is 100%. Longgang radio and television station now broadcasts its own programs for 11 hours, with 58000 cable channel users. The first town level Sports Federation in the province has been established, with 13 associations (clubs) under its jurisdiction. Longgang athletes have won many championships in international and domestic competitions. The town Federation of literary and art circles has 1680 members (including 10 at the national level and 5 at the provincial level. Our company has 38 products with "Three Guarantees of quality", and has published 21 literary and art collections (including 10 at the national level). Over the past few years, Longgang town has hosted 200 Guinness piano concerts, hosted more than 100 literary and artistic activities, such as the 17th National Youth Poetry Festival and the national Chinese women's style photography Grand Prix, and won more than 500 awards, including more than 30 at the national level and more than 50 at the provincial level. Moreover, in recent years, Longgang town has gradually improved the scientific and cultural quality of farmers in combination with the citizen quality improvement project. Our town has also been awarded the honorary titles of Zhejiang Education Town, Zhejiang health town, Zhejiang civilized town, national mass sports advanced town, and national top 100 investment environment towns

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