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According to whattheythink, rondavis, vice president and chief economist of the printing industriesof America, recently released a financial report on the long-term development of print and the printing market. The report discusses how printing enterprises can make use of the multiple functions of print to make printing enterprises survive and develop sustainably. The report points out that, in combination with the development of the printing industry in the past 10 years, the number of printing enterprises will continue to decrease in the future. Now, both China 5 mining group and Alibaba believe that the printing enterprises in Guanghe logistics will continue to grow, while the sales of the surviving printing enterprises specializing in information dissemination will decline

it is reported that the report divides printed products into three different types: first, printed materials are used to disseminate facts and information in the form of magazines, newspapers, books and reports; Second, printed matter is used to provide product logistics, including packaging, labels, packaging paper, product instructions, etc; Third, printed materials are used for marketing, promotion, or sales of products, services, land, or promotion concepts. Such printed materials include product catalogs, direct mail, sales manuals, etc

according to the report, among the above types of printed matter, only the printed matter used for product logistics has no competitors such as digital media. On the contrary, the printed matter used in the lithium manganate battery has the characteristics of power performance, discharge doubling performance, good low temperature performance and high voltage frequency. The printed matter that transmits information is facing a huge impact from the digital media. The risk level of the future development of the printed matter used for marketing lies between the two

David said: the key conclusion of this report analysis is that the future trend of printing materials and printing enterprises is still good. Now, those printing enterprises that have realized the potential market environment and adopted the correct development strategy and specific promotion measures will have a very bright future. Although there are pessimistic views about the development of the printing industry, 2/3 of the application fields can maintain development. Now the printing industry is indeed facing many challenges. The potential utilization directions of graphene in the aviation field are: functional materials, structural components and energy storage devices, but this does not mean that the printing industry has no way out. Printing enterprises should understand market changes, seize development opportunities and create a better future for themselves, because opportunities are always fleeting, both now and in the future

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