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The first national grand printing (Guangzhou) Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "grand printing exhibition") Co sponsored by Guangdong Publishing Bureau and Guangdong publishing group and undertaken by Guangdong printing materials company and Guangdong Printing Association will be held in Guangzhou Huacheng Convention and Exhibition Center from March 2 to 5, 2005. The joint holding of the large printing exhibition is intended to create a domestic brand exhibition comparable to the "all printing exhibition" and become one of the 14 bases for evaluating grade B, so that the flower city in March will bring a refreshing surprise to the domestic printing and packaging industry

supply and demand will be exhibited on the same stage to create a precedent.

the contents of the large printing exhibition will cover prepress systems, printing equipment and equipment, paper industry and printing products. The printing types include offset printing, slowly opening the oil feeding valve, gravure printing, iron printing, etc. Printing equipment manufacturers and users make joint efforts to display in the same exhibition hall, which increases the opportunities for manufacturers to sell products and also provides more choices for printing enterprises to purchase paper products and equipment. The innovation of content highlights the features and highlights of the big printing exhibition

authoritative sponsor of higher level

Guangdong Publishing Bureau and Guangdong Publishing Group jointly hosted the exhibition for the first time. The specification and scale of the first national printing (Guangzhou) exhibition will be greatly improved, ensuring the position of the large printing exhibition in China and the world

combining the strong with the strong to create a

Guangdong printing materials company has successfully held the national printing and packaging machinery and equipment exhibition for 11 consecutive sessions since 1994. Guangdong Printing Association has a decisive influence in the printing and packaging industry. The two companies jointly undertake the exhibition with complementary advantages, ensuring the effect and effect of the exhibition

March is the right time for the flower city to bloom

March is the time for printing and packaging enterprises to purchase equipment. At this time, holding the exhibition will build an ideal platform for both supply and demand sides. Guangzhou Huacheng Convention and Exhibition Center is a perfect venue for holding exhibitions with convenient exhibition arrangement and convenient transportation

with the external environment of favorable climate, favorable geographical conditions and harmonious people, the first opportunity for authoritative hosting, and the large printing exhibition with innovative content will bring new vitality to the domestic printing and packaging industry

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