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Cloud printing era adds color to the printing industry

[China Packaging News] cloud computing is destined to be extraordinary as soon as it appears. Whether it is itself, or its application in various fields. Can be called a great creation. The arrival of the cloud printing era has also added a lot of color to the printing industry

the US National Institute of standards and Technology (NIST) defines cloud computing as: cloud computing is a pay as you use model that provides available, convenient, on-demand network access. Entering the configurable computing resource sharing pool (resources include networks, servers, storage, application software, services, which cannot be done by vertical experiments) can be quickly provided with little management, Or little interaction with service providers. The concept of cloud computing has been widely used in production environments. In China, Alibaba cloud and xensystem of cloud Valley, as well as Intel and IBM, which are already very mature abroad, the service scope of various cloud computing is expanding day by day, and the influence is immeasurable

imported products: the concept of cloud printing in China is obvious, which refers to the general name of printing processing, printing management and printing cloud platform based on cloud computing business model application

domestically, cloud printing is a bit of an exotic product, but it is not a product of localization. The application of cloud printing in China may be less than that in foreign countries, and the development will be relatively slow. However, there are still many excellent enterprises, which try their best to win the market from cloud printing

express printer: the cloud printing platform, the first e-commerce application platform for the Express Printing Industry in China, was officially launched in Shenzhen in may2009! Fast printing customer is committed to providing free station building, product development, platform operation and fast printing franchise services, including the design, manufacturing and establishment of personalized printing stations and professional business service providers integrating marketing, leading the development of e-commerce in China's fast printing industry. Fast printing customer has created a new e-commerce business model based on the traditional fast printing and imaging industries, It has become a pioneer in promoting the e-commerce process of China's rapid printing industry

aproove software aproove software developed by aproove SA company is a network-based system, which can realize pre press processing such as collaboration, proofing and confirmation through apple computers, PCs, tablets and smart phones. This system is not limited by the installation details of the hard tensile testing machine and the requirements of fixture equipment. At the same time, it allows users to continue to use their existing workflow. Its open architecture makes it easy to be compatible with other systems. This cloud based system is easy to use, can be upgraded, and is not bound to any specific MIS or prepress workflow system

no matter at home or abroad, everyone began to seize the hot potato of cloud printing and strive to become the biggest winner in the market. New technologies are emerging one after another. Traditional printing is not without a market. The key is to innovate, constantly find new markets, and develop new technologies and applications

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