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Printing enterprises tend to be cautious in their investment in digital printing equipment

the survey on the installed capacity and application of digital printing in China jointly carried out by the digital printing branch of China Association of technical printing and the digital printing department has entered the tenth large-scale research stage this year

in order to increase the accuracy of the survey report, the survey adopts a combination of multiple channels, such as face-to-face interviews, interviews, regional visits, and the issuance of questionnaires. After more than half a year of organization and preparation, the number and quality of survey samples have improved compared with previous years; At the same time, the survey area is more extensive. There are 112 digital printing enterprises from various regions in China, involving 28 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government in 6 administrative regions; On the other hand, the business types of the sample enterprises are more abundant after years of investigation and the resource development of the digital printing department

in addition to continuing the basic contents of the previous year, some new contents have been added according to the economic environment and development status faced by today's digital printing enterprises, such as the enterprise's emphasis on digital management, staff training management, whether to get involved in online printing, and the emphasis on post press equipment. Now, some survey and analysis results are selected to share with friends

new equipment of sample enterprises

investigation content: introduction and upgrading of production-oriented digital printing equipment and post press processing equipment. The productivity of digital printing equipment and the configuration of post press processing equipment can often be used as the basis for judging the scale and business type of digital printing enterprises to a great extent

as it is still a new topic to continuously promote new digital printing equipment in the market, its service life is shorter than that of traditional printing equipment, and the equipment is upgraded faster. Therefore, the introduction of new equipment by digital printing enterprises each year can reflect the overall operation status, growth and development status, business expansion, etc. of enterprises in the industry

according to the 2012 digital printing user survey in China, 58.51% of enterprises purchased production-oriented digital printing equipment from 2011 to 2012, and the trend slowed down significantly from 2012 to 2013. However, from the follow-up interview of the digital printing department, it is found that the leading role will be further enhanced in the future; To build 10 or so industry clusters with national influence and characteristics of 10 billion yuan, the year may usher in a small upsurge of adding new equipment and upgrading equipment

according to this year's survey, from 2bio anchor reg; From August 2012 to July 2013, 55.13% of enterprises purchased new equipment. Among the sample enterprises surveyed, 28 sample enterprises intend to introduce new equipment in the next year, accounting for 25.93% of the total. Some even said that they are planning to introduce four production-oriented digital printing equipment at one time

in the economic downturn, enterprises are generally cautious about investing in digital printing equipment. Although the new equipment can bring new business growth, further improve the printing quality and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, due to the slowdown of domestic economic growth in the past two years, in the face of the situation of oversupply in the market, the operators of digital printing enterprises are becoming more and more calm, and the new equipment growth rate is also tending to be stable. Among the interviewed enterprises, most of the large-scale introduction of production-oriented digital printing equipment are digital printing enterprises whose core business is to build a production center. They need the support of new equipment to expand new business and undertake batch orders

in addition to the introduction of digital printing equipment, post press processing equipment has gradually been concerned by enterprises. As the overall profit of copper industry in the laboratory of printing beating degree tester decreases gradually, more and more digital printing enterprises begin to make profits by virtue of post press processing. In the survey, many enterprises said that the profits of the printing sector had not increased in the past year, but the profits of subsequent processing had increased by about 30%. Many enterprises try to find differentiation from post press processing to increase the added value of products, so as to obtain profit growth

in the survey, many enterprises have realized that post press processing will be the source of enterprise profits in the future. The particularity of the products of digital printing enterprises determines that the introduction of post press equipment is different from traditional printing enterprises, and the introduction of post press equipment can not be comparable with digital printing equipment. It can be seen from the survey that enterprises are paying more attention to the post press process, including more investment in new equipment and more sophisticated technology. In particular, high-efficiency and highly automated digital post press equipment are favored. They have expressed that there are many customers with personalized needs, and they have higher and higher requirements for post press. Good post press equipment can save manpower, make more regular finished products, and business printing is growing. The post press demand is relatively large, and the added value brought by post press is much higher than that of printing. In this survey, most enterprises said that as long as there is demand, the post press equipment will be updated in time

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