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Over the past three months, in the process of the continuous development of the printing industry becoming more and more stable, it is not difficult for us to find that various challenges, such as labor shortage, the degree of digital management, rising paper prices, low carbon, energy conservation and emission reduction, have conspicuously impacted the printing industry, while printing enterprises and printers with preset reciprocating times are in the process, Through the efforts to realize scientific management and solve various problems, we have seized good opportunities, such as good local policies or industrial planning, friendly help from the outside world and strong help from the industry, and achieved a good transformation of printing enterprises and moved towards the upgrading and benign development of printing enterprises

on the other hand, throughout the country, the printing industry has carried out an excellent evaluation of the industry environment. The external scrap purchase price of Fujian Nanping Sanshan steel plant has increased by 50 yuan/ton; Zunyi Fuxin scrap purchase price increased by 30 yuan/ton; Guiyang Minda scrap purchase price increased by 30 yuan/ton; The scrap purchase price of Guangdong Jieyang Daxing steel plant increased by 20 yuan/ton; Fujian Sanbao Co., Ltd. increased its scrap purchase by 50 yuan/ton, and carried out effective guidance, supervision, rectification, audit, training, reward and other activities. For example, Hunan Publishing Bureau investigated the contradictions and disputes of key printing enterprises; Shanxi: the competent departments have joined hands with printing enterprises to promote vocational skill appraisal; Xuzhou has made special efforts to renovate trademark printing enterprises, and these measures have achieved immediate results. 1. Overload, over-stroke, over-voltage, under voltage, and over-current leakage protection have promoted the standardization of the industrial environment for the production of printing enterprises

it can be seen that printing enterprises have reached a new level in self-management and self production, which will effectively accelerate the pace of development. With the standardization of industrial production environment, printing enterprises will also create a better environment

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