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Hunan Shaoyang printing enterprises have made great efforts to explore a new pattern of development. In recent years, the largest export volume in a single month in the whole year, Shaoyang City, based on the "two hands", has standardized and promoted the development of the printing industry in the management of continuously adding incomplete, unsmooth, uneven painted surfaces and uneven colors, so that the printing industry in Shaoyang has a new "highlight" and "focus", especially the packaging and decoration enterprises have sprung up and developed rapidly. However, the development of each county (city, district) is still very uneven, the scientific and technological content of publication printing and packaging and decoration printing is not high, the structural contradictions are still prominent, and some enterprises have violations from time to time

in view of this reality, Shaoyang City has made great efforts to consolidate the achievements after the special rectification action of the printing industry. The municipal Publishing Bureau and the municipal Printing Association have organized printing owners to carry out learning exchanges, guide printing enterprises out of the blind alley of piracy and vicious competition, and adjust the product structure. The management department and the business owner calmly analyzed the current situation of Shaoyang printing industry, and reached a consensus that most enterprises should change careers and production as soon as possible, and focus on the development of packaging and decoration. The municipal competent department shall guide the printing enterprises in the whole city not to make pirated brands, do not make low-grade brands, do not make medium and high-grade brands, and do not make books and periodicals for packaging; We will actively promote the structural adjustment of the printing industry, encourage and guide large enterprises to take the road of collectivization and large-scale development, support promising small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve "transformation, production and product transformation", and guide small and medium-sized enterprises to develop in the direction of "specialization, refinement and specialty"

under the active guidance of the competent departments, Shaoyang printing enterprises have taken gratifying steps in changing production and business, becoming bigger, stronger and better: the number of private enterprises with assets of more than 10 million yuan has grown to nearly 10, of which Yongji Hongbao paper factory occupies the markets of six provinces in central and southern China, and notebooks are sold well in several provinces in Southwest China; Shaodong sticky fly board occupies 80% of the national market share and is exported to Southeast Asian countries at the same time; Rainbow packaging is building new factories, purchasing millions of yuan of new equipment and operating with a large sum of money. The city's printing industry has gradually realized the transformation from quantity to quality, from "small and complete" to "large and excellent", from "flowers bloom", "no brand and no product" to "one product for one factory" and "one product for one county", and has initially formed a good trend of large-scale, intensive, high-quality and characteristic development

information source: Hunan Province "anti pornography and anti illegal" work leading group office

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