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Bathroom log color decoration matching skills, see the decoration effect was amazing

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if the homeowner wants to dress up with log color in the bathroom, how to match it? Regardless of the depth of the wood color, the methods introduced by Xiaobian are very applicable. Let's take a look with Xiaobian

1. Match it with white

the washing place can be mainly white. In some local areas, wood color can be used to decorate it. For example, cabinets or wood colored lamps are very good choices

2. Mainly wood color

waterproof must be done in the bathroom. There is more water in the bathroom, and the humidity is heavy, so dry and wet separation should be done well. Waterproof coating should also be made on the surface of wood materials to avoid moisture entering the wood and causing mildew

3. In dark space, if the color is darker, it seems more depressed, so to ensure enough light, you can add some lights above the wash table or around the mirror to make the whole bathroom look brighter and spacious

4. The elements matched with color

should not be too complex. For example, choosing tiles, colored paint, and wood elements can be well matched. If your bathroom area is relatively small, then don't use too many colors, so it looks too complicated

in fact, no matter what color, as long as you match it properly, it is very beautiful. Relatives who want to decorate can try it

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