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The market is developing, and more and more investors begin to turn their attention to industries such as wooden doors and whole wood home decoration! And in order to minimize the risk, more people tend to do wooden door to join, wooden door agent, using the mature operation mode of the enterprise, can make profits quickly! With the strong support of enterprises, various business difficulties for investors themselves have also been reduced a lot. Of course, this is not equal to joining a wooden door franchise store and everything will be fine, because if the store wants to achieve our ideal state, it needs not only a good wooden door product, but also better management by managers. From the location of the store to the opening, we need to have a comprehensive plan and arrangement, and after the opening, we need more effective marketing means. Here, Shusheng wooden door, as a well-known brand in the wooden door industry, tells you the work you need to prepare before opening, and helps partners who have the idea of investing in wooden door to join the agency

first point: capital

if you want to open a store, whether it is a franchise store in Mumen or other franchise stores, you need to start capital. Of course, there will be differences according to your region. For example, in the first and second tier cities, rent, water and electricity, and labor are relatively expensive, so more funds need to be prepared. If it is in a county or small area, the relative consumption level is low, and the start-up capital will naturally be less, but it must be sufficient to ensure the normal start-up, and there is standby capital

second point: location

location is not only a skill, but also a vision. If you have strong financial resources, you can choose places with large retail area and large passenger flow. Because retail sales are the source of customers, this aspect has an advantage. If it is normal, it is recommended to be around a relatively concentrated building materials market or a retail place of door industry. If you can't find a suitable location in these places, it's also a good choice to choose the only way to buy building materials

(1) places where the same industry is concentrated. Such as door market, building materials market, decorative materials City, etc. There are many door operators in these places, and the purpose of passenger flow consumption is very clear, which has the effect of "multi store and long city"

(2) in a large community that has just been built and has been delivered for occupancy. The cost of this type of store is relatively low, and the site selection is highly targeted. It can occupy the "right place" and timely take down the doors for the decoration of the new house of the residents. In addition, the surrounding of medium and high-end residential areas can also be. The region has dense population, stable tourist sources and great consumption potential

(3) large and medium-sized building materials home towns, home supporting centers, etc. The region has good brand effect and market appeal, accurate publicity positioning and clear target groups

third point: positioning

if you are not familiar with the market, you have no say. As long as you know your customer base very well, you can position your products well, including your store decoration style. In particular, the positioning must be realistic, not blindly positioning itself, but in line with the consumption level and habits of the region, so as to avoid the situation of being too high and too few and being left out in front of the door caused by inaccurate positioning

fourth point: brand

because the market is relatively chaotic, the products are mixed, and the quality is uneven, so consumers are more dependent on the brand because they can't choose accurately. Because brand products have a good reputation and pay more attention to products, they are more recognized and loved by consumers. Store management is very important, but the early choice can not be ignored. Choosing a good brand can not only drive the sales of its products, but also increase popularity, making it easier for marketing to make profits

fifth point: Decoration

as the saying goes: Buddha depends on gold, and people depend on clothes. A good store decoration can not only reflect the taste of a product, but also attract customers and increase traffic. Because door manufacturers have a fixed decoration style, the tree life wooden door here only emphasizes several points: 1. The decoration in the store should be transparent and bright, and the natural light is good; 2. The decoration color should be one main color and no more than two auxiliary colors. Too many and too miscellaneous colors will have the opposite effect of dominating; 3. The layout of the store should be reasonable. It should focus on high-end doors or products with relatively large sales volume, accounting for a significant position, while other products should focus on them to highlight the sense of primary and secondary

sixth point: supply

generally speaking, it may be that the conditions of large factories are strict, the supply of small factories is unstable, and the quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, we should choose a fixed manufacturer with good quality and sufficient supply. In this way, the door franchisee will not have too much inventory to occupy the site and capital, and the capital flow will be more convenient. Moreover, we can adopt the mode of cooperation, divide part of the profits and find partners to sell on a commission basis, so as not to cause too much product backlog

the above six points only give kimen franchise agents a direction. For real franchise, we need to pay more attention, including field investigation of factory strength, etc. In other words, choosing a good wooden door manufacturer is equivalent to getting twice the result with half the effort. If you want to do a good job in joining wooden door, it is a technical choice. Tree life wooden door, focusing on the industry for more than ten years, has launched a variety of series of wooden doors, which have won national medals and are deeply loved by consumers. It has become the most famous wooden door brand in Hebei. At present, it is an enterprise worthy of consideration that is vigorously supported by various policies to help door franchisees solve their worries in the country. Tree life wooden door, a choice, permanent trust, welcome to inquire




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